A.PE.JE.RWA – History

A.PE.JE.RWA Organization was established between 1999-2000.Since openings EMERU INTWALI was opened with 2 options namely: Moto Vehicle Mechanics and Car Driving. Then after, the school expanded its options to Hotel operation, Electricity and computer science, Construction, Tailoring and Hair dressing.

Reflecting to our commitment to education sector, in 2006 the decision of closing Electricity, computer science and car driving options was taken and opened the second school on the name of Lycée de Ruhango-IKIREZI.the new school started with ordinary level, and Advanced level with Hotel operation. After time Humanity sciences was launched, This option of humanity sciences was changed to History Economics and Geography (HEG) & Literature economics and Geography (LEG) by Ministry of education.

With Confidence the option of Accounting was started In 2008,while closing HEG and LEG as the Rules and regulations of Workforce development Authority (WDA) did not accept to mix Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and General education. As labour market demand for TVET increased Lycée de Ruhango started Construction in 2011, Tourism in 2012 and Auto engine Technology in 2016. So from 1999 we are also the recipient to development of our nation in recognition of the government priorities.

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