Is there a vaccine for COVID-19 approved yet?

Large studies of 5 vaccine candidates efficacy and safety results, including these three (and for Moderna and AstraZeneca), have been publicly reported  through press releases but only one (AstraZeneca) has published results in the peer reviewed literature.  , We expect more such reports in the near future.  It is likely that additional candidates will be submitted to regulatory authorities for approval. There are many potential COVID-19 vaccine candidates currently in development.

Once vaccines are demonstrated to be safe and efficacious, they must be approved by national regulators, manufactured to exacting standards, and distributed. WHO is working with partners around the world to help coordinate key steps in this process, including to facilitate equitable access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines for the billions of people who will need them. More information about COVID-19 vaccine development is available here.{adgroupsurvey}&gclid=CjwKCAiA_eb-BRB2EiwAGBnXXjw5Vn983ZDmLum_-F9_9DEOSnZ2UFYbnGbyxuZtutF4B0j4GoNs6BoC7i8QAvD_BwE

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